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Father’s Day DIY: Golf Wreath

by on Jun 8, 2011

Ok, so maybe most of the dad’s I know couldn’t tell me if they had a wreath on their door at the moment, if ever, but this might be one that definitely gets their attention.  

Jenny from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line got a hole-in-one when she came up with this Father’s Day craft (Ok, did you think I’d leave out a golf pun???).  Her addition of real golf paraphanelia really makes this a fun and memorable wreath.

created at: 06/07/2011

The golf enthusiast in your home would probably get a good smile out of this (and then ask kindly if they can have the balls, tees, and pencils when the holiday was over!).  She povides a tutorial on her blog on how to make this dad-inspired door decor.