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Eye Candy: Yellow Kitchens

by on Jun 3, 2011

Yellow is a happy color, no doubt, but it can also be a tricky color with which to decorate. Too much blue in it, and it can feel cold. Too much green in it and can remind you of that last head cold you had. Not good. Especially in a kitchen. These kitchens, however, seem to strike the right yellow balance. They’re bright and happy, and not the least bit phlegmy. 

The first kitchen, pictured above, is served well with that fabulous wall paper.

A little yellow, especially when it comes in a unique back splash, can go a long way:

Kitchen with yellow tile.

Here’s another noteworthy gray coupling:

Yellow kitchen with windows.

For a bit more traditional look, this yellow kitchen finds red as the perfect compliment:

kitchen paint colors

If yellow walls or tile are too big of a commitment,  a collection of yellow pottery pays perfect tribute to the color without going overboard:

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