From Tub to Tuffet (NEW How-To Included!)

From Tub to Tuffet (NEW How-To Included!)


A galvanized steel tub, much like the one pictured above (albeit a bit older), went from holding curds and whey to propping up Miss Muffet's tired tooties. This particular item has been sold but could be a fun DIY project. Great for an outdoor application, no?

created at: 06/03/2011

POST UPDATE: Okay so I posted this at 4 o'clock est last Friday the 3rd and Brooke was SO inspired that she made one AND posted a how-to on Killer B. on the 4th. I think she deserves some DIY blogger award for that!!! To see Brooke's version (pictured below) and to learn how she did it, follow this link to Killer B. THANKS BROOKE!!! 


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net_wisetrack on Jun 10, 2011:

Awesome idea- maybe painting the galvanized tin in a colour form the fabric would jazz it up too!

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