How-To: Turn a Pallet Into a Mod Outdoor Lounger

How-To: Turn a Pallet Into a Mod Outdoor Lounger

Now that you've got your vertical pallet garden up and growing, it's time to sit back and soak in some rays from the comfort of a super cool pallet lounger!  

DIY extraordinaire Titti of the blog Shoestring Pavilion created these hip garden loungers from a pile of discarded pallets and 2x4s.  Oh, and some bright red paint, of course!  If you're looking for a new outdoor project to kick off the summer season, this is it!  Check out the full tutorial right here.

(As a side note, Titti's loungers are similar to ones that can be found in this book: Easy-to-Make Outdoor Furniture: A Sunset Book.  You can buy it online of course, but I picked up a copy during a local estate sale for $1.  Should you spot one during a yard sale or at a thrift store, snatch it up!  It's a keeper.)

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Liz on Jul 02, 2013:

Its a great idea! :) I agree with the lounge cushion

Anonymous on Nov 16, 2012:

You need to find pallets that are made from 2 X 4's and that have been manufactured correctly to withstand weight.  As for the splinters, sand it down before painting and it should be good to go.

Jenn on Jun 14, 2012:

I am using a cheap old crib mattress...the sheets can be changed out and washed easily...

Anonymous on Apr 20, 2012:

Cover with a cute lounge cushion!

Dee on Mar 30, 2012:

That's exactly what I was thinking:)  I've picked up pallets in the past and they don't seem to be made with even marginal wood.  How would one keep splinters out of their back-side?


Elfira on Mar 30, 2012:


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