Make It! A Romantic Outdoor Chandelier

Make It! A Romantic Outdoor Chandelier

Dining by candlelight indoors is one thing; dining outdoors by candlelight...now that is romantic. In this our third original outdoor decor project for the month we elevate the romance by constructing an outdoor chandelier. 

Note: If using REAL candles in your chandelier, keep in mind the distance of the flame to objects overhead. Add to the chain length in the material's list to compensate or use shorter candles or those of the battery operated variety. 


  • 3/4" marine grade plywood, about 2' square
  • 6 - 3" aluminum 'T' caps, found in the ductwork aisle of your big box store
  • jigsaw*
  • 6" chain (You can find this at the hardware store sold by the foot. The links in our chain measured 1/4" wide x 5/8" long.)
  • 1 - 1 3/8" eye hook
  • 3 small eye hooks appropriate for the chain size
  • 1 large 'S' hook
  • Drill and bits to suit eye hook sizes
  • 1 small nail, hammer, string and pencil*
  • pliers
  • 220 grit sand paper
  • level
  • caulk
  • 6 - 3" pillar candles or cylinder vases/jars/bowls, or a combo of each
  • primer
  • paint (outdoor or weather resistant acrylic gloss)

*If you happen to have a router and trammel, you'll want to take advantage of them and use them to complete Steps 1 & 2. 

Step 1: Install the nail at the center of the plywood. Loop a string around the nail and loop it also into a pencil at 4". Use this to draw an 8" circle onto the plywood. Move the pencil out to 8" and draw another circle; this one will be 16" when complete. 

created at: 06/13/2011

Step 2: Using the jigsaw (or router and trammel), cut out the circles to form a ring.

created at: 06/13/2011

Step 3: Prime and paint the ring, sanding between coats. (Fill any gaps along the edges with caulk, if necessary.)

Step 4: Center the 'T' caps around the ring and glue into place using caulk.

Step 5: When the caulk is dry, mark and drill holes with the small bit for the small eye hooks, BUT MARK THE BIT SO AS NOT TO DRILL THROUGH THE RING!!!

created at: 06/13/2011

Step 6: Screw the eye hooks into the holes; use a plier to help if necessary.

Step 7: Open the links of the chain using the pliers to form 3 - 2" lengths of chain. Insert the opened link at the chain's end into the eye hook and crimp shut. Repeat for the other 2 chains.

created at: 06/13/2011

Step 8: Insert the tops of the 3 chains into the 'S' hook.  Use the level to make sure the chandelier hangs level, moving/removing links if necessary. Hang with large eye-hook to appropriate structure/object that will support the chandelier's weight.

created at: 06/13/2011

Step 9:  Add candles, vases/jars/bowls and flowers, hang and enjoy!

See, as pretty in the daytime as nighttime:

created at: 06/13/2011


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