How to: Make a DIY Sputnik Chandelier

How to: Make a DIY Sputnik Chandelier

Emil Stejnar's "Sputnik" pendant chandelier is a modern design icon, but they're no longer made, and vintage versions can go for thousands of dollars.

So designer and blogger Jenny Komenda whipped up her own version in a weekend, and the results are amazing.   Jenny used the IKEA Maskros as a starting point, then trimmed, scissored, and glued her way to this fantastic beast:

Also, namedrop: I had the pleasure of meeting Jenny this year, and she's just as awesome as her projects.

Go check it out on Little Green Notebook

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~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage on Jan 14, 2012:

...but there is a fantastic one at Ikea--that come is several different sizes--all under $100.00......

ziasmama on Jul 30, 2011:

This is fantastic!  It only took you a weekend?  Wow.  I will definitely try this.

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