How To: Make a Mod Dot Headboard

How To: Make a Mod Dot Headboard

Our friend Miki has ideas that just won't stop. Wanting a headboard, but not something heavy and permanent, she came up with this brilliant, textural, tone-on-tone solution that, literally, pops off the wall.

Any guesses as to how she pulled it off. (Hint: they're super inexpensive and quite easy to use.)   They're simple styrofoam balls from the craft store, merely cut in half, and applied with tape. I love the Braille-inspired pattern. You could make something beautiful and secret, and say something to your loved one without anyone else knowing about it. 

That's it?! That's it.

To learn more, head to Miki's Design! If you wanna try your own Braille-inspired design, you can find the alphabet here.

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Sheetal on Mar 25, 2012:

Where are those cute, colorful, chandlier things on both sides from???????? LOve, love, love!

jet on Jun 07, 2011:

LOL i had to laught of the secret message of using braille.;-D
i had something planed on a artgift with braille on it for the best driveable building award, but when people had translate it it wasn't sooo nice.LOL
I never have worked it out but the fun in front was awesome.
A autor in my country has written a book some years ago with on the cover braille as well , and it's like my story , not soo sweet secrets to read.LOL
but i like that;-D
smart to use half styrofoam balls, i love the result and your idea, well done!!!

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