12 Ways to Beautify Your Porch for Summer

12 Ways to Beautify Your Porch for Summer

If you have a porch, I envy you. I've always wanted a porch and feel all homes built from this day forward should have one. So, if unlike me, you do have a porch, here's 12 ways to get it into ship shape. 

  1. Prune the landscaping in front of the porch
  2. Assess the condition of the porch's floor
  3. Paint the porch's ceiling blue
  4. Prep your porch's swing--or add one
  5. Clean your flag so it's ready to fly--or buy a flag
  6. Install hooks for hanging plants
  7. Add a rug
  8. Add a ceiling fan
  9. Make the entrance welcoming
  10. Put a new coat of paint on the furniture, if needed
  11. Rearrange the placement of the furniture 
  12. Add lighting

For more information regarding each of these tips, visit Houzz.

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