15 Incredible Sinks (and one lame one)

15 Incredible Bathroom Sinks (and one lame one)
Two years ago we remodeled our bathroom (we have only one, and it's teeny-weeny ... like, you can wash your hands and use the toilet at the same time). So, due to space and budget constraints, we settled for a pretty bland pedestal sink, so here it is ... the one lame one. Read on to see all the cool ones I rounded up...

Our boring pedestal sink.

These days you can get a sink made out of almost anything. Porcelain, sure. But also ceramic (as in pottery), stone, metal, and even wood. 

Our first four awesome sinks

1. Isle of I Sink by Alberto Villareal & Michel Rokjind

2. Watertable by Sophie Mensen

3. Bizarre Sexy Sink

4. Fat Sink by Tolga Baydar (made of wood)

Our second group of cool sinks.

1. Moso Bamboo Vesel

2. Console Table & Sink by Devon&Devon

3. Night Sink by Cagliati Cogliati

4. Petrified Wood Sink (could find a picture of this one installed, but I'm sure it looks great).

Our third group of superfly sinks.

1. Lacava La Scala Vessel Sink

2. Joel & McKenzie's Kitchen Sink

3. Cool Bathroom Sink (attributed to DesignSponge, but I can't find a link! Help!)

4. Kohler Purist Wall Mount Sink

More cool bathroom sinks.

1. Cup Sink by ArtCeram

2. Spoon Sink by Philip Watts Design

3. Steel Wash Basin by Agape

What are you favorite bathroom sink styles? How adventurous are you willing to go in your own bathroom?

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