How To: Awesomely Painted Walls Using Contact Paper

How To: Awesomely Painted Walls Using Contact Paper

The trouble with renting apartments is that they often come with a "no painting" clause in the contract.  This is truly the bane of my renting existence, but hope is not lost!  When Interior Designer Stephanie Sabbe found herself with walls with a bad case of the "no-paint blahs", and put herself right to work.  The result is something that would also make my walls very happy.  

created at: 05/18/2011

Stephanie pulled out a miracle with her medium of choice: Contact paper.  A little patience and a steady hand, and she now has an amazing accent wall.  She shows how she did it here.  She plans on simply pulling off the paper when it is time to move.

(found via Little Green Notebook, where she uses Japanese Tape on her walls!)

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Anonymous on Jan 08, 2013:

Even if it does require painting afterwards, landlords usually expect to repaint after each tenant. The difference is that this would require a layer of primer, before repainting the original color, whereas most accent paint colors would need a coat of primer to hide it.

Jenée on May 18, 2011:

It looks great but it's awfully optimistic to think she can "simply" pull the contact paper off, especially if those walls are matte. Even if she can get the paper off pretty smoothly, there's still the chance it will pull some of the paint underneath with it.

Then there's also the fact that if the contact paper remains there for any length of time, the wall color will assume the design, which will require painting anyway so I would recommend to other apartment dwellers to go ahead and paint before taking a risk like this. But again, it does look good.

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