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It’s like sleeping on clouds

by on Feb 25, 2007

I was cruising around the internet this morning when I saw this completely awesome bed.  It’s called a floating bed. Now, I’ve always been in love with the idea of Sky Chairs, so, a floating bed? You had me at hello.

 Kids' floating bed

I then saw this picture and I knew I had to get one for Megs. We’re going to have to get bunk beds for the boys, and I was thinking she needed a special bed of her own. So I flipped right over to the pricing page.


Drat, foiled again. $2795 for the kid size? Then another $590 for a memory foam round mattress? Plus $95 for a mounting kit. And shipping. AND, I’d have to try to find sheets to fit this dude. Never mind. 


I bet something like this could be made on your own, but I do not have the skills! Alas, the search for a perfect princess bed continues.  

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