Roundup: 20 Stylish Shower Curtains for Show-Stopping Bathrooms!

Roundup: 20 Stylish Shower Curtains for Show-Stopping Bathrooms!

Move out those old vinyl curtains and make way for these personality-driven show-stoppers!  Whether your style is playful, tailored, feminine, or contemporary, we've rounded up twenty shower curtains that'll transform your bathroom in an instant!   

created at: 05/10/2011

1. Arbor Curtain: $40

2. Pebblz Curtain: $15

3. Marimekko Ruutukaava Curtain: $25

4. Marimekko Tilkkula Jewel Curtain: $50

5. Inter Abstract Curtain: $20 - $30

6. Marimekko Madison Curtain: $50

created at: 05/10/2011

7. Tree Curtain: $24

8. Leaf Curtain: $15

9. DwellStudio Dot Curtain: $66

10. Thomas Paul Octopus Curtain: $120

11. Blissliving Kew Curtain: $125

12. Damask Curtain: $23

created at: 05/10/2011

13. Whales Curtain: $39

14. Sculpted Mums Curtain: $118

15. Wild Poppy Bouquet Curtain: $39

16. Trellis Curtain: $39

17. Ruffled Border Curtain: $49

18. Smoldering Hues Curtain: $118

19. Stripe Curtain: $39

20. Silhouette Flower Curtain: $36

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Amanda on Aug 06, 2011:

I have the Tree curtain! Shockingly, my husband loved it when we saw it at Target... so we brought it home and soon after I painted an owl and tree using the same colors as in the curtain!

elseajane on May 12, 2011:

I'm in the process of shopping for the perfect shower curtain for the bath remodel that's, yes still in progress. the ETC (estamated time of Complete is the end of next week for ttape and bedding then paint and yes! the Shower Curtain! These have added some to my want list...Thanks, I think ;-) EJ

CapreeK on May 11, 2011:

Jessa - I do!!

Slippy - #18 is marvelous!  It's also available in an aqua colorway, FYI.  Like you said, though, it's definitely DIYable if you have the patience!

Jessa on May 11, 2011:

A shower curtain makes or breaks a bathroom, don't you think?

slippyoink on May 11, 2011:

I feel like my life won't really be complete until I have a curtain like #18. That would be easy enough to make yourself with some patience, too.

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