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DIY Idea: Places You ‘Heart’ Map Art

by on May 10, 2011

Heart shape map stickers frame.

I’m not really into hearts, but I’m really into this DIY idea. You tell the maker of the ‘Bespoke’ Heart Map Artwork ($400 US)  which places in the world are important to you and they punch the locales out of vintage maps, mount them and then frame them up. Now, how easy would this be to DIY?? If you don’t have a collection of vintage maps of your favorite places on hand, current maps would do just fine.

This option is $72 US.

Two framed pictures of heart-shaped maps with a bowl and a tall thin flower pot sitting in front and to their left

Via Tickety Boo.

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  1. How about color copying the map onto card stock paper? Then use double back tape to mount it. I think this would work if the hearts were under glass.

  2. Look  online for current or vintage printable maps….why buy when you don’t have to??