Before OR After: Chalkboard Paint vs. Wallpaper!

Before OR After: Chalkboard Paint vs. Wallpaper!

Many of the "before and after" projects we feature are stark contrasts: obvious improvements that border on jaw-dropping (fantasy playroom or party garage, anyone?).  So today, I'd like to present a makeover where the "before" isn't necessarily bad, just a different style.    

Ashley Campbell is a talented photographer, blogger, and an avid DIYer with a playful style and an eye for design.  She's had a chalkboard wall at the base of her stairs for over two years but recently decided she needed a change.  One day and a few rolls of wallpaper later, she had an entirely fresh new look!

(Check out more photos from this makeover on Ashley's blog Under the Sycamore.)

Personally, I think both versions look great (though I do have a favorite), but I'm curious which you like best.  So, let's take a poll, shall we?  And, no middle of the road answers here, you have to choose!

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