How to Turn a Head & Foot Board into a Bench

How to Turn a Head & Foot Board into a Bench

Here at The Curb, we usually see clever folks turn something into a headboard, not the other way around, which makes this project even more unique. Kristi started with the head and foot board shown above and turned it into this:    

created at: 05/03/2011

After some consideration, she then turned it into this:

created at: 05/03/2011

Wanna make a bench out of an old head and foot board too? Check out the entire tutorial over at Addicted 2 Decorating

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Aikku on Jun 21, 2015:

I love this idea! It's very simply really.  I have seen somewhere how they turned 3 chairs to a bench too. :)

Thank you for sharing.

Theresa Johnson on Mar 21, 2013:

Would like instructions on how to make bed to bench

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