How To: Make a Sweet, Custom Tea Bag (Perfect for Mother's Day)

How To: Make a Sweet, Custom Tea Bag (Perfect for Mother's Day)

See? Tea Bags Can Be Fun!

I'm not sure anything would start my day off better than a note attached to a favorite beverage- except maybe some hot pancakes smothered in Nutella to go with it.  

This project from Maison Creative (January/February 2010) can be easily recreated using a pair of scissors, your favorite paper (think fun patterns!), and a tea bag.  Not a tea drinker?  Wrap cheesecloth around crushed peppermint and put it in hot cocoa.  Too hot for cocoa?  Stick a lemon slice in cheesecloth and plop it into your glass of lemonade!  You can almost have too much fun with messages with your drink.  Almost.

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Melissa on Apr 19, 2012:

Do you happen to have the original link url? I used the link to Maison creative, but I only seem to get the main page. And I was hoping to get a better look at some step by step style photos.


Thanks a bunch!


Liana M on Aug 08, 2011:

great idea!! I definitely plan on using this for tea and for the hot cocoa idea as well. Do you by any chance have the template for the mini envelope?

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