DIY Lamp (Guess what it's made out of!)

Whisk Lamp Light New Wire whisks lamp

This lamp casts gorgeous light, no? Can you guess what it's made out of?   

How about now?

me me me 036 Wire whisks lamp

If you said wire whisks you'd be correct. Natalie used no less that 300 of them to construct it. 

Via Recyclart

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Teri on Apr 28, 2011:

That is so fun and wild!  I wonder what made her think of that... maybe a whisk in her kitchen was casting a shadow and gave her that idea!  Just amazing!  *new member* 

DesigningMom on Apr 27, 2011:

Awesome fixture. I hope she got a good deal on the wisks!

elseajane on Apr 27, 2011:

OMG! What a wonderful light, I love the pattern that it throws and the way that it looks. WOW 300 wisks!? I wonder where she got them all. Great Inspiration. EJ

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