DIY: A Hip Mid-Century Modern Planter for Under $15

DIY: A Hip Mid-Century Modern Planter for Under $15

My buddy Baz is a DIY guru, especially when it comes to anything Mid-Century Modern.  Check out these planters he made for less than $15!  

A recent trip to Target led our friend and MCM rockstar Baz aka Atomic Indy to the garden aisle, where he spotted some plastic planters with serious potential.  Being of clever mind, he realized a simple arrangement of two planters stacked bottom to bottom would yield perfectly hip results and cost a fraction of the price of other modern planters.  Talk about winning.

The weight of a full planter is enough to keep things in place, but if you're worried about it getting knocked over, Baz suggests using clear silicone adhesive to permanently attach the two parts.  Total cost for one large, mod planter?  Twelve dollars.  (The smaller version will only set you back $6!)

Baz is always up to something, so check out all his cool DIY projects on Atomic Indy!

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