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Crafty Idea: Geometric Wall Art from Paint Chips!

by on Apr 26, 2011

So, let’s say you collected a ton of paint chips for that Easter Egg Garland, but a) never made it or b) got greedy at the paint store and have a bunch of “left overs”… What do you do now?  Why, make some cool, mod, geometric wall art, that’s what!  

created at: 04/26/2011

Blogger, crafter, teacher, and violinist (whoa!) Angie created these colorful, framed “prints” from a stash of paint chips.  Cutting out each individual shape might be an exercise in patience, but the final product is pretty fantastic.  I just love the simplicity and cheerfulness!

Check out Angie’s blog Angelina la Dawn Tomato for more photos and info!