How to Make a DIY 'Bubble' Chandelier


This project makes my imagination run wild. Think of all the see-through orb-like things you could string up! Perhaps a bunch of big, round incandescent light bulbs trussed up but not wired up. Or maybe even clear Christmas bulbs. Bottles might be a bit heavy, but they'd be an option. Can you think of anything alternatives? Other stuff you'd need to make includes a 9' cord kit with bulb socket, manila rope (or even wire) and an 'Edison' light bulb. For the complete instructions and links to the supplies visit Remodelista




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Sarah on May 11, 2014:

Gorgeous !!!

DesigningMom on Apr 27, 2011:

I'm having a dejavu here. I swear I've read this all before including the CB2 glass globes for only $3.50 each.

Love the fixture, but have no place for it. It seems to want to be hung in a loft in an old factory turned condos to me. Yeah, that would work.

Jeremy on Apr 27, 2011:

This does not have to be that expensive to make. You can order those glass globes online from CB2 (www.cb2.com) for $3.50 each!! They even have a ton of other glass globes and vases and candle holders as well that you could use! And that light cord is like 10 bucks at Ikea.

elseajane on Apr 26, 2011:

I adore this light I want to use it every where. It's like champaigne bubbles or soap bubbles for big folks. EJ

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