How To: Make a Geometric Hanging Mirror Art

How To: Make a Geometric Hanging Mirror Art

When decorating a home on a budget, it is always fun to glean inspiration from the pros, and make it a DIY. That is exactly what this mom and daughter team did to recreate this mirror art from Z Gallerie.  

Armed with a drill, craft mirrors, wooden craft circles, and a chain, these ladies recreated a $299 art piece for only $80.

created at: 04/26/2011

How cool is that?  You can see their step-by-step process on The Ivy Cottage Blog

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Peggy on Feb 25, 2012:

LOVE THIS!  Thank you for sharing!


DesigningMom on Apr 27, 2011:

Wow this is pretty neat looking.  Amazing how interesting a few random items can look when put together in such a creative way.

Anonymous on Apr 27, 2011:

Thanks so much for the feature!  Love that someone else finds this post useful!



elseajane on Apr 27, 2011:

Me too. I think that this is fantastic, for $80 it's supper and so modern. EJ

Chrisjob on Apr 26, 2011:

I love this. For eighty bucks and an afternoon, that's a heck of an impact.

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