Makeover: Old Shutters Turned Headboard (Tutorial Included)

Makeover: Old Shutters Turned Headboard (Tutorial Included)

Okay, okay, this is NOT a new idea. However, the execution--especially in situ--is totally fresh.     

created at: 04/25/2011

Supplies to make it are minimal and include the following:

  • Two 8' - 2 x 6's 
  • Two 5' - 4 x 4's 
  • One 1 x 8 
  • Crown molding
  • Some old shutters, the makers found them at the Habitat Store

For the entire tutorial, visit Recyclart.


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DesigningMom on Apr 25, 2011:

I saw this last week, I think, on her Girl in Air blog. I'm not a fan of gray, but with this awesome shade of lime this room is really neat. She and her hubby are a good team making a great headboard for very little money.

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