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Your First Home Purchase.

by on Feb 22, 2007

When you bought (or as you plan to buy) your first house, what were the most important factors?

Did you buy for the next three years? Five years? Seven years? Ten? Forever?

If you didn’t already have children, and planned to, did you consider the school district, though having school-aged children was at least six years away? Likewise, did you look for extra bedrooms for potential family expansion?

Were you more concerned with the inside or the outside/yard or the home? Were you willing to buy a great house in a mediocre neighborhood?

Did you buy cheap, and look to do a major renovation, or max your budget, and hope a just a couple cans of paint would do the trick?

Were there specific deal breakers, like a garage, or a basement?

Did you need more than one bathroom?

Do tell!