Make: An Anthropologie Inspired Lampshade

Make: An Anthropologie Inspired Lampshade

Palette aside, Autumn's Anthro inspired lampshade looks so much like the original, the retailer should be worried. Very worried. Of course, as DIYers we are delighted the replica is spot on. Just to prove my point, here's the original:

Anthropologie Lampshade

As for what Autumn used to make her masterpiece, here ya go:

  • an old lampshade
  • a cricut or other personal cutting machine for cutting the circles, OR as Autumn suggest, we can cut them by hand too
  • heat & bond/iron-on fabric stabilizer
  • 2 yards of fabric in various prints/colors
  • trim
  • reposition-able spray adhesive
  • glue & foam brush

For the entire tute, skip on over to My Design Dump

Via the never disappointing Knock Off Decor


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