12 Affordable Modern Homes to Stay In on Your Next Vacation

12 Affordable Modern Homes to Stay In on Your Next Vacation

is a service that helps connect people who have homes, apartments, or spare rooms to rent. On principle, I love the idea (why bother with hotels when you can stay in a real person's house?), but in practice, I have to admin results are mixed. We used AirBnB for a trip to New York City last year, and the place wasn't nearly as nice as the pictures made it out to be. 

Still, if you just want to window shop, AirBnB is one of the best places on the Web to get tours of amazing living spaces around the world. Here are some of my recent, modern-ish favorites:

Frank Lloyd Wright House in Wisconsin

It seems somehow sacrilegious to me that you can stay in Frank Lloyd Wright's famous Schwartz House in Two Rivers, WI for just $325/night. Seriously, wow:

Frank Lloyd Wright's Schwartz House

This 'Creative Sanctuary' in San Francisco is only $89 per night!

Creative Sanctuary in San Francisco

This SoHo loft boasts of a king-size bed and a glass box bathroom. Plus, Chinatown nearby!

SoHo Loft

Wait, I can own a surfboard and an Eames Lounge? Mission Life: accomplished. Venice Canal 1-Bedroom, here I come.

Venice Canals

Yes, this 'California Architect Glass House' looks a little like a highway rest stop from the outside.

California Architect Glass House

But check out the interior! House! Give you to me! 

California Architect Glass House

This Mid-Century Modern Gourmet Ghetto Flat looks so cozy to me. Sometimes MCM pads look a little cold and sterile; but not this one.

Mid-Century Gourmet Ghetto Flat

This Paris Design Flat has all the things you want from a small, well-appointed cosmopolitan apartment. Including a vintage boombox.

Design flat with view and terrace

This Architect's House in Australia is so ludicrously awesome, it's too bad it's not real. 

Architect's House in Australia

Wait. It is real? Holy *&#%! Must have been windy on picture day, though:

Hey, for just $1900 per night you can rent this entire, 14-room, 19th-century villa built by the Tiffany family! With the debt you incur, you can finally declar personal bankruptcy! Yay!

Tiffany Mansion

This suite is built inside a Ilyushin 18 airplane in the Netherlands. Yes, I know you've always wanted a modern home built inside a plane. You're welcome.

Entire Airplane Suite

Whew. There must be about a thousand more places that would be worth posting about on AirBnB; I'll have to come back to this thread later. 

What do you think? Have you used AirBnB? All hype or worth the price? 

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bruno on Apr 15, 2011:

The first one (the treehouse), is in Lazio, Italy. Here's the link: http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/33648

Sarah on Apr 14, 2011:

Where's the first BNB, the beautiful dark wood one you have as your header picture on this post?  I'd love to stay there.  It looks--idyllic.

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