The Life Span of Your Appliances

The Life Span of Your Appliances

So you’ve just forked over a fistful of cash for new appliances in your home. You even splurged on the stainless steel upgrade. Congrats! And now for the bad news. Your new appliances will eventually die.

Known in the home inspection business as "estimated design life cycles" these statistics help inspectors let buyers know of potential upcoming problems. For example, if your boiler is 45 years old, it is living on borrowed time, my friend.

So, if you’re in the market for a new house or if you’re living with some aged mechanicals, the following list might help you plan for the future.

System                           Element                                      Estimated Life Cycle

Roofing                    Asphalt Shingles                         18-22 years

                               Wood Shingles                           15-25 years

                               Clay Tiles                                  25+ years

                               Metal Roofing                            Indefinite

Heating                    Boiler                                        25-40 years

                               Forced Air-Gas/Oil                       15-35 years

                               Forced Air-Electric                        15-25 years

                               Electric Baseboard                       15-25 years

Cooling                     A/C Compressor                         10-15 years

                               Window A/C Unit                         10-15 years

Plumbing                  Water Heater-Electric                   12-18 years

                               Water Heater-Gas/Oil                  10-15 years

                               Sump Pump                               5-8 years

Appliances                Dishwasher                                5-10 years

                               Garbage Disposal                        5-10 years

                               Cook Top (Gas/Electric)                15-20 years

                               Range/Oven                               15-20 years

                               Refrigerator                                5-25 years

                               Cook Top Vent                            8-12 years

                               Clothes Washer & Dryer                8-12 years


Life cycle statistics courtesy of Walsh’s Professional Home Inspections, Inc., which is based in the Twin City area.

"Broken Stove" courtesy of Apathetic Heart @ Flickr.

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