DIY Inspiration: Paint Chip Clocks

DIY Inspiration: Paint Chip Clocks

Oh, no we didn't!  Just when you thought we couldn't possibly have any more paint chip projects up our sleeves, we go and drop this on you.  

I ran across this image of paint chip clocks in the DIY section of industrial designer Colin Roberts' portfolio.  He doesn't provide any instruction for making your own, but if you've gleaned any info from our DIY Asterisk Clock tutorial, these paint chip versions should be a piece of cake.  I'm thinking the materials list would look something like this:

  • 8 wide paint chip samples (like the kind from Behr)
  • 1 quartz clock movement with hands

..and that's about it.  Can you think of any other materials that you might need to create one of these paint chip clocks?  And, just for fun, what color scheme would you go with?  I'm really digging on yellow right now, so I'd probably go with a gradient of bright, sunshine-y hues!

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