DAP Blend Sticks...Don't Bother

DAP Blend Sticks...Don't Bother

First I'd like to say something to the DAP Company. I generally like your products. I really do. Your caulk is great. Your Plastic Wood is outstanding. Your Bend Sticks....not so much. Last week I purchased the 'For Dark Woods' set at my local Ace for a pricey $8. (Yeah, I know, a big box store would have had them for half that price.) The package says they're for use on finished wood and that the individual sticks (4 come in a package) are blend-able for custom coloring, which was the selling point for me. 

Basically, to fill a hole with one of the sticks, you just rub the thing over it until its filled. To make the job easier, DAP suggests holding the stick in your hand to warm it, thereby softening it. That was the first thing that didn't really work. I would have had to pop it in the microwave to get it soft. Blending? Yeah, that was virtually impossible. As far as how it actually looked on a piece of finished furniture...let's just say it left a smear around the blemish that needed some serious buffing to get off. I'd have gotten pretty much the same results using a Crayon as I would have using these sticks, and I'd have saved myself 8 bucks.

Ultimately, you're better off using a suitably matching stain to hide those blemishes (which is what I ended up doing) in your fine furniture rather than DAP Blend Sticks.

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