The Best Reclaimed Wood Project Ever!

The Best Reclaimed Wood Project Ever!

You are not going to believe what this pile of discarded cabinets doors turns into.  It may be the most creative and imaginative use of reclaimed materials ever.  Don't believe me?  Check out the after photo!  

created at: 04/05/2011

Josh Rhodes, the second half of the husband and wife team behind Arrow & Apple (a photography and design studio), created these fabulous honeycomb shelves from old cabinet doors that had been discarded during a local warehouse renovation.  With a little bit of work and a whole lot of vision, Josh set about cutting down the materials to create a one-of-a-kind storage solution.  Aside from the fantastic design, I love that he kept all the original paint - it adds just the perfect amount of nostalgic charm!

For more photos of the process as well as the final product (and a photo of their cute dog), check out Arrow & Apple.

Just for fun, what would you make from a pile of old cabinet doors?

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elseajane on Apr 13, 2011:

Oh, this is really super. Look at the way the coroners are mitered. EJ

Pamela Lynn on Apr 06, 2011:

Wow what a awsome prject and a good way to reuse old doors love it way to go!!

CapreeK on Apr 06, 2011:

Right?  I could totally see this in an Anthropologie shop window or something.  It's pretty rad.

DesigningMom on Apr 06, 2011:

Oh yeah, this is awesome!

Chris Gardner on Apr 05, 2011:

This is why everybody needs a table saw.

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