Before and After: Eden’s Bright Kitchen Makeover

by on Apr 4, 2011

created at: 04/04/2011

Just how drastic can a kitchen makeover be? We found one that’s sure to top your transformation expectations.
Through our sifting of tons of before and after images, we came across Eden Lang’s kitchen makeover, thanks to Raenovate. And boy, are they share-worthy. How does one go from dark, dingy brown to sleek, modern white? Well, take a look:  

"A Beautiful White Kitchen with White background and Furniture"

There’s a less than lovely linoleum on the kitchen floor and dull carpet through the rest of the space. And those heavy, drab curtains are restricting the bit of natural light willing to enter.

Head over to ShelterPop for the full makeover and all the amazing photos.

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