Gorgeous Shipping Container Guest House


I never thought I'd ever use 'shipping container' and 'gorgeous' in the same sentence, but in this case, I think it's appropriate. Chosen for its punchy blue color, the container's transformation into a celebration of renewables--and a fabulous guest house to boot--is credited to Poteet Architects. For more info and pics, check out The Alternative Consumer.



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Anonymous on May 16, 2012:

lovely, but lacking any privacy!

Anonymous on May 15, 2012:

This cracked me up because in mining communities in outback Australia all the seasonal miners live in these - they call them dongas - but I'll bet none of them are as chic as this one

Shipping Container Homes on Apr 11, 2011:

@ Faith - There are a number of places that you can purchase a second hand container.

Just be aware that there are several "grades" of containers - when we are doing projects like this we want to choose one that is as close to the end of its lifecycle as possible but at the same time not so banged up that its a major pain just to get it into shape to work on.

Common sense says that typically the very cheapest containers require the most work to refurbish.

There is a series of videos that might help you here if your serious - they are a bit "detailed" for casual viewing but if your going to go out and buy one they are a great resource.






CapreeK on Mar 31, 2011:

I love this little guest house.  It's the same one that's in Chris Cooper's portfolio!

Faith on Mar 31, 2011:

How does one acquire one of these shipping containers?

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