Mindblowing Playhouses that'll Make You Wish You Were Seven

Mindblowing Playhouses that'll Make You Wish You Were Seven

Ah, yes. The playhouse. That place where our first nesting desires, those urges to love were we live, were born. I had two: one in that storage area under the stairs in the basement, and an outdoor crow's nest with swings and the requisite "Members Only" sign. There were, of course, no members, but that's the sorta thing a clubhouse should have, is it not?


    And some more contemporary options:

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DesigningMom on Apr 05, 2011:

Chris these are all so darn cute! I want them all! I'm glad you didn't have a "No Girls Allowed" sign on your clubhouse. giggle

Sam on Mar 26, 2011:

Personally I don't consider any of those mindblowing. I certainly would have liked to had any of thoses clubhouses as a child. Mindblowing would be a giant fort made out of those USPS priority mail boxes.

elseajane on Mar 24, 2011:

I had a small cottage complete with windows and an upstair sleeping loft. When I was about 4 we moved and the only thing I remember about it was my Daddy hired a crane truck to go to the old place and pick up my pretty pink playhouse and move it the new house. I miss that playhouse to this day. EJ

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