Make It: DIY Pantone Magnets

Make It: DIY Pantone Magnets

I have a not-so-secret obsession with all things colorful and design-related, so when I saw these Pantone magnets my little heart did a cart wheel.  I mean, why didn't I think of this?  It just makes so much sense.  Not to mention this may be the easiest DIY project we've ever posted.  

created at: 03/22/2011

Graphic and textile designer Jessica Jones of the blog How About Orange came up with this project as a way to use up loose Pantone chips.  It's easy and only requires a few materials:

  • Pantone Chips*
  • Bookboard (sometimes called Chipboard)
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Glue or Double Stick Tape
  • Paper Glaze
  • Self-Adhesive Magnet Strips

Once you've gathered your supplies, check out How About Orange for the full tutorial!

*I know we don't all have access to Pantone chip books, but as DIYers I am certain we have access to paint chips.  (If you're like me, you may even have a ridiculously large stash of them, too!)  You might lose the "design cred" factor, but if it's color you want then it doesn't matter.  Plus, you could get creative with different shapes and sizes not possible with the Pantone chips.  Hmm...  Endless possibilities, really!

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