Make a DIY Junk Drawer Organizer on the Cheap

Make a DIY Junk Drawer Organizer on the Cheap

Junk drawers. Everyone's got one. Which I think is okay, because homes do really need one. You need a central location to store something like a pencil so you don't have to run upstairs to the office everytime.  A place to keep the things you don't wanna forget about, like gift cards, receipts, your Netflix DVD envelope, or for "need it when you need it" items like coasters or matches. Having a designated spot for these random items is way better that leaving them out on side tables and countertops.

But just because you need a junk drawer doesn't mean you can just pile items atop each other and then go banging around in there as you look for that other earring you thought you saw in there the other day. That's why you, my friend, need a custom, inexpensive junk drawer organizer that you can make yourself.  

For that, we turn to Jaimie of C.R.A.F.T., who sent in this really awesome DIY project that she created out of balsa wood, which is often on sale at the local craft store. You could also use any scrap hardboard or masonite you might have, or even corrugated cardboard from that box that UPS left last week.

The plans, of course, are adjustable, so you can customize the project for your exact space and needs.

First, stop by Jaimie's ten steps for cleaning out your junk drawer, then head here for the full organizer how-to.

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Ed on Feb 06, 2013:

Every household has an unorganized mess that is otherwise known as the junk drawer. It is the place where the things that could one day be useful go to die a slow and dusty death.

But it is time to sit up and pay attention because apparently now your junk drawer can cause your house to go up in flames!

Read about my own terrifying junk drawer experience here http://irkitated.blogspot.com/2013/02/quick-tidy-up-your-junk-drawer.html.

Anonymous on Apr 04, 2011:

I am totally impressed!!

Sarah e on Mar 22, 2011:

If you need to go even cheaper, cut boxes of cereal and instant oatmeal etc.  They'll make good dividers too. :)

Kimmie on Mar 22, 2011:

Thank you for sharing!  This is GREAT!

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