Bird Nest Bed?


This giant nest/bed may be interesting and fun, but it looks like it would be tricky to get into. Especially for shorties like me. A running jump perhaps?   



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Nona of Sense-ational Boy on Jan 28, 2015:

Why useless? I have a grandson w/ SPD and he cannot sleep in a traditional bed... he needs to be "swaddled" in pillows and have a weighted blanket. THis concept of a bed that would "nest" him is a genius idea for sensory processing disorder kiddos.

Vanessa on Apr 09, 2012:

I am looking for bed, and I saw this one and I am thinking, 1. It will have to be smaller, 2. How do I get the outside "nest" part, 3. Will this cost around $1,000?

DesigningMom on Mar 22, 2011:

Well at first I thought the bed itself was good for a laugh, but then I read your comment of "Bird Bath and Beyond" and it became a belly laugh. Good one Maven!

elseajane on Mar 19, 2011:

Mave, Where do you keep getting the Harry Potter stuff. This is where Haggred keep one of those crazy animals that he keeps. ;-)  I just really want the spell to make one of those huge lamps, think of the possibilities. EJ

Max on Mar 19, 2011:

This is brilliant. I would own one and the big lamp too. It's nice to see something that's fun and not a slave to conventional reality. Now if only we could wean ouselves away the the boxy conventionalism of "Modern Architecture"

DIY Maven on Mar 19, 2011:

Somebody on facebook asked where one might get sheets for it, "Bird, Bath and Beyond?" (That one wrote itself.)

Anonymous on Mar 18, 2011:

Hilarious -- Useless -- But hilarious --  Make it out of outdoor fabrics for summertime naps on the patio -- or amongst the trees -- lol

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