MAKE: A Fractal Mirror

MAKE: A Fractal Mirror

Janice was noticing fractal mirrors everywhere. Their only downside was their price tags. So, like all good DIYers, she decided to make her own. The results are amazing and look completely pro. Here's what we'll need if we want to tackle a fractal ourselves:

  • pine (Janice used 1 x 22mm, cut to 600 x 1000mm)
  • mirrors (Janice's project required 20, each measuring 150 x 200mm)
  • polystyrene cubes
  • caulking gun
  • acrylic caulk
  • black matt paint (Janice used Rust-Oleum)
  • black matt craft paint
  • 2 pictures hangers
  • 180 grit sand paper

For the entire tute, head on over to Home-Dzine. Keep in mind the site originates in South Africa, so some of the brand names of the supplies might not be recognizable, but they are all substitutable. 

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