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Curbly At Home: Capree’s Cluttered Corner

by on Mar 14, 2011


This month, along with great tips for Spring Cleaning and organization, we’re showing you some of Curbly’s own cluttered corners or jam-packed junk drawers.  Excited for some behind-the-scenes dirt?  Read on!     

Our kitchen has this little built-in desk area, something that I’m sure was intended to be useful but now serves only as a dumping ground (as you can see).  It’s littered with packages to be mailed, catalogues, bills, birthday presents (my birthday was over three weeks ago), coupons, random junk, a hammer (?), and on and on.  Also, the drawers don’t shut all the way.  Why?  Because the second drawer down is overflowing with plastic bags intended to pick up massive amounts of dog poop.

created at: 03/14/2011

Most of the contents of this desktop are simply things that need to be filed away, put away, used up, or thrown away.  So, to kick off my Spring Cleaning campaign, I finally sat down (well, stood up, really) and got to organizing this eye sore.  Bills were filed, catalogues and other papers recycled, tools put away, odd and ends put in their proper places, and gift bags put in their assigned spot in our wrapping paper closet.  And those plastic bags?  They were taken to the recycling bin outside our local grocery store.

I still need to mail that package.

So, let’s hear it Curbliers.  Do you have a spot that inevitably ends up as the house dumping ground?  What random objects can be found there?  (You might not have seen it, but there were even a few paper ornaments my parents sent me that I’d made as a kid – Random!)  And, if you’re ready to show it off, submit your junk drawers to [email protected].