Are your favorite stores going out of business too?

Are your favorite stores going out of business too?

Last year there was a rash of store closings in my part of the country. They were dropping like flies! It was scary. First was Circuit City, then Linens and Things and then World Market. (I loved World Market.) It settled down over the summer, and I thought I wouldn't lose any more of my go-to stores. Within the last month or so, things started to take another ominous turn.   

Ultimate Electronics is going, as is my favorite Borders, along with a nearby mom & pop (actually mom & daughter) stamp and paper boutique. I don't know anyone who will be personally affected by Ultimate's closing, but a friend of mine works at the particular Borders in question. As far as the boutique goes, the daughter plans to start her own stamp line, but 'mom' isn't thrilled with her early retirement. On the up side to all this, a new thrift store opened near me; yesterday its parking lot was packed. 

How about you? Are you losing your favorites too? Are you or do you know anyone personally effected by store closings?

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