10 Must-See Movies For Design Lovers

10 Must-See Movies For Design Lovers
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Sometimes you need to sit down on the couch and relax with a good movie. But perhaps you're not in the mood for the latest thriller... well you're in luck, because today we're sharing ten of our favorite must-see movies for design lovers. So grab a bowl of popcorn and settle in for a movie marathon that is sure to get your creative wheels turning.     


10 Must-See Movies For Design Lovers

Columbus - This is the story of the son of a renowned architecture scholar who finds himself in Columbus, Indiana after his father falls ill during a speaking tour. The son begins a relationship with a local architecture enthusiast, and together they explore the town's many celebrated modernist buildings (along with their conflicted emotions).


Tiny: A Story About Living Small

Tiny: A Story About Living Small - A documentary about the tiny house movement, focusing on the building of Christopher Smith's micro home, with other tiny house owners' stories sprinkled in. 


10 Must-See Movies For Design Lovers

Urbanized - An interesting documentary about how cites are designed, featuring some of the world's foremost designers and thinkers.


The Infinite Happiness

The Infinite Happiness - Copenhagen's "8 House" is a modern loop of apartments designed by architect Bjark Ingels which reinvents the concept of home by creating a unique configuration of retail and residential amenities within the same structure.  


Small Is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary 

Small Is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary - This is a documentary which follows four people's journeys building tiny houses, examining both the triumphs and tribulations of living small.


10 Must-See Movies For Design Lovers
The Architect

The Architect - This is a light comedy about a couple who hires an architect to design their dream home... but he finds himself attempting to build his own dream masterpiece instead.


A Single Man

A Single Man - While this movie isn't about design per se, you'll love the set design which is filled with beautiful layers of patterns and colors typical of 1960's interiors. It follows the struggles of a middle aged English professor who has lost his longtime boyfriend in a car accident.


Abstract: The Art of Design

Abstract: The Art of Design - This Netflix original documentary showcases the lives of the design elite, from Nike designer Tinker Hatfield to Pentagram graphic designer Paula Scher.


The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada - This light romantic comedy is filled with eye candy, from stylish clothing to beautiful interiors. It tells the story of a new graduate who has landed a job working for a demanding boss in the fashion industry.


Eames: The Architect and the Painter

Eames: The Architect and the Painter - A documentary about one of the most famous husband and wife teams in the design industry, with never-before-seen interviews about the creative duo.

What are your favorite design-related movies? Share them in the comments section!

10 Must-See Movies For Design Lovers
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