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Retired grandmother of 11---all under age 13!!!  Busy, busy, busy!!  Love to do arts and crafts with my...

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Potholes and Pantyhose is written by me, Rebekah Greiman. I'm a vintage gal stuck in a modern world....

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sewing-crafting cooking Craft writer urban-gardening writing

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living life on the Illinois River in Oklahoma. Love rustic and repurposed. 

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I was born into a world of turmoil.

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DIY thrifting crochet Dog Lover

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A crafty mom who runs a catering business! 

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crafty gal

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Started my first foreclosure rehab first of the year. Blogging about my experience on "My Flippin House"

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houses flipping renovations

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I'm one of those people who loves to make things - pretty much anything.  I sew, do beadwork,...

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I am a redesigner/home stager/color consultant.  As seen on HGTV, I do one day room makeovers.  I love...

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I like:Loose-leaf tea.Collarbones.Calvin and Hobbes.Gift cards.Flesh colored bras.Finger puppets.Swimming.Afternoon delight.Eating with chopsticks.Nylon.Drooling over home furnishings of modern glory.Puns.Rilo...

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Nestled just north of downtown Tulsa, is a 1930's apartment building with a 850 sf unit on the...

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