making new kitchen cabinets look retro

By: Yoooo Feb 07, 2007
I love the beautiful north light in my loft. It's in an old building so there are heat ducts and pipes and cool stuff, but there is a floating floor (I chose cherry) which looks nice but I like old, cruddy floors. My cabinets are light maple. I wonder how I can make them look more 'vintage.' Should I stain them darker, paint them black?? I like place with integrity, this one is cool, but not what I would have picked had I seen it before purchase. Any ideas how to make my kitchen look more flea-market-find cool and less dull??

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Trim them out.  Much fun.  Trim jazzes up soo much.
You could paint them black or another color and add a glaze finish which would give the color more variations.  You could also paint them and then sand the edges lightly with a fine grade sandpaper.  That would give them a 'worn' look.  Check out Conestoga Cabinets.  Click on Products, then Solid Wood Finishes, then select a species maybe Colourtones or Hard Maple.  These are all factory finishes from this particular manufacturer, but it can give you a better idea of what glazed finishes looks like vs. stained or regular painted finishes.
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