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Is there a landscape designer in town who specializes in...

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How can I make my new floor look old?

By: Yoooo Jul 25, 2007
I have one of those floating wood floors. It's cherry so it's pretty attractive. I wanted to have a reclaimed wood floor but the cost was prohibitive so I settled for the cherry floating. Anyone know if I could wax or polish it or do something to make it look a little less new and more 'lived in?'
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By: Yoooo Apr 13, 2007
Anybody have a great idea how to make a headboard. Like maybe a nice grey fabric covered one? Do I use a piece of plywood propped up against the wall or what? Right now I have a mattress sitting on a box spring which is sitting on the floor. It looks nice because I've covered the box spring, but I'm thinking a headboard would look cool. Would love to buy Room and Board bed (Ella) for $899 but don't feel like spending that much.
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yeah, all you gotta do is get some whitewood pine, cut it to the size you want, sand it down with some 60 grain paper, then fine sand it with 100 or 120 grain, get some polyurethane stain/sealant, apply a few coats and YOUR GOOD TO GO

Is there a landscape designer in town who specializes in rooftop gardening I have a patio that's about 30x14 and want to design a space to feel like I live on W 23rd street in Manhattan! I would think with all the lofts going up around the river there would be someone who has tapped this niche.
I love the beautiful north light in my loft. It's in an old building so there are heat ducts and pipes and cool stuff, but there is a floating floor (I chose cherry) which looks nice but I like old, cruddy floors. My cabinets are light maple. I wonder how I can make them look more 'vintage.' Should I stain them darker, paint them black?? I like place with integrity, this one is cool, but not what I would have picked had I seen it before purchase. Any ideas how to make my kitchen look more flea-market-find cool and less dull??

Thanks for your comment! And I LOVE these bookshelves. You have a loft?! JEALOUS!

No idea where to get those, but I'll keep an eye out! 

Hi Martha. Welcome to Curbly! ~ Gregory
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