How to Make a Big Foot Costume

By: Threadbanger Oct 28, 2008

To learn how to this Big Foot Costume, watch the full episode with Rob and Corrine. 


You will need a 2 recycled fur coats (fake or vintage).

On the center back line, cut the coat five inches from wherever your crotch line is.

  Then cut a slit on the center back neck line, so the neck does not not choke you.

Make two leg tubes lining up one side of the crotch slit with the one side of the coat opening right sides together. Sew a seam up to where the slit starts.

When sewing, set straight stitch to the longest length, use a leather needle and upholstery thread will work best.

  Sew both legs tubes.

WIth the other fur coat, rip out the lining.



 Tear the fur into two long wide strips and many other short pieces. It may be best to use an utility knife to cut the fur on the back side.

With these cut pieces, attach to the legs of your costume with the longest pieces in front.

With the left over piece of fur, create a contrasting chest piece. 

Make sure when you piece the fur together that the nap of the fur is hanging towards the floor. When sewing fur, remember to sew with the direction of the nap.


For any hard to reach spots, feel free to sew by hand with a leather needle, and very strong thread. When finished sewing, use a comb to comb fur away from the stitch line.

Make about 5 to 6 holes about 3 inches apart down the back of both sides of the back of the coat . Stop where the leg tube starts.

Take a long rope-like tie, attach a safety pin to each end and lace up the back like a corset. 

You are done! For all of the Big Foot trimmings, like face, hands and feet check out for tips


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