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ThreadBanger is the first network for people who make their own fashion. Check out our first show, "Threadheads," with Rob and Corinne, with new episodes every Friday at 12pm ET / 9a PT. ThreadBanger videos are free and can be subscribed via iTunes or your favorite podcast downloader. Just visit our website for the shows and links: http://www.threadbanger.com

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3rd Ward rocks! Love you guys - will definitely try...

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Hey guys! We tried out step # 7 and dyed...

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Thanks so much for blogging about the show and helping...

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How to Make Obama Inauguration Gear

By: Threadbanger Jan 16, 2009

Watch the Episode Here:

Items Needed:

1. Printable Shrinky Paper

2. Ink Jet Printer

3. Curved, Sharp ScissorsContinue Reading

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How to make a Tuxedo Bib

By: Threadbanger Dec 29, 2008

Watch the Episode here:


Fabric Scissors, Fabric, Ruler, Pins, Pencil, 4 Buttons, Iron-On Interfacing, 2 Small Pieces of Velcro, Iron, Pattern download (available at Threadbanger.com and Burdastyle.com),

1. Measure and cut 2 pieces of 12" x 15" from your fabric
2. Using your ruler, mark your fabric every 2 inches, so that you can create a straight fold into your fabric

3. IronContinue Reading

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Hi, guys, I have been searching the internet for awhile for instructions on how to turn an old T-shirt into a corset.  Here is the URL to an example of what I am talking about: http://www.re-vamp.net/examples/lost1.jpg.  Any ideas would be more than welcome!

Cna You guys help me I am trying to make a Hat from the character Hector Barbossa of the pirates of the carribean , can you help me





Hey threadbanger, thanks for accepting my friendship. I like your website. I also like Burda Magazines, I am using them at list for 15 years. I design and sew decorative pillows, but sometimes I sew something to wear, if I couldn't find what I want in stores.
i just came upon your site by accident and i must say that its one of my top 3 sites ever!!! thanks soo much
3rd Ward rocks! Love you guys - will definitely try and check out some events. thanks
thanks for the add - check out what we got goin on www.3rdward.com

Thanks so much for blogging about the show and helping to spread the word, jrysavy!

lafemmedramatique, I think we have a couple of kinks in our website's sign-up process. Sorry about that. Email me and I'll see if I can help: scott[at]nextnewnetworks.com

Hey. I found your site and had recently done a blog post on blog.catalyststudios.com

Lots of fun.   

Hi There! I LOVE threadbangers.com, and all the episodes of Thread Heads.... one problem though..... I signed up, and I never got the email! So, here I am, a week later, and I go to sign in (just in case) and again, it tells me that it will send me an email... GAH! So frustrating! I swear, why must you all taunt me?

So, ya... any way to fix this issue?

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