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sparkie's Photos : Daily Breakfast "Spread" at Brazilian Hotel


Every morning, this is what was waiting for us in the dining room of this beautiful hotel in Buzios, Brazil (resort beach town in southeast Brasil). Hotels name was Perola Buzios, translates to "the pearl", due to the shape/design of structure.......... The hotel looks inward, the heart is the center. Meaning, the "back" was most of the exterior except for front door. Primary colors were snowy white and bright, deep orange. Beautiful natural polished stones for flooring, white painted furniture, many curves utilized in design by architect & artist Helio Pellegrino....... According to, "With a two-level ellipse orbiting a convivial pool, it's impossible not to fall in love with the hotel's design and sophistication ."................ Link to hotel website (cool web design too):

Buzios Brazil hotel food dining room

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