HGTV's DOD Top Tips Show

By: Sillygirl Jul 25, 2008

I finally have a TV with cable, so I was catching up on my TV watching tonight when I came across HGTV's Design on a Dime Top Tips Show... it kind of irked me because they had some good ideas but they never give you enough information to execute them.


Did anyone catch the show? Or the original one where they made a glass votive holder out of a small vase inside a large vase with glass pieces inbetween and sealed with resin? What kind of resin would you use and where would you find it? I'm assuming you can't get that kind of thing at a big box store...



My husband and I are still living in our 'starter' home that we've been in for 33 years...Now that the kids are grown with families of their own we have enough room for the two of us..My problem is my basement..It's completely unfinished with central air ducts throughout and my washer and dryer.. I don't want anything fancy; just a workout room and place where grandkids can play games or watch movies..I don't have a clue how to even start this..I would love any ideas at all....After 33 years I think I've waited long enough to get my workout room...


Thanks for any ideas

Pat Holland

lindsclou, I can't believe I didn't realize that. You are so right! It's the same stuff they use to get the look of water in vases for floral arrangements! DUH! If I only had a brain! ;P

I saw that show last night and it was awesome. All the best stuff in one place!  It seems it was probably 2 part resing -  DickBlick carries it, probably Michael's and other craft stores as well.  I am going to try it out - it seemed like the coolest and easiest thing on that particular show!

Sometimes with the HGTV website you have to be a bit of a computer genius to get anything out of it. If you type in it will bring up a lot more than just going to the main HGTV page and clicking on links or using their search feature. And I agree with you...they usually do not give detailed instructions. I have seen the project that you are asking about and I think the particular resin they used can be found in the floral arranging aisle of your favorite craft store.

Well I couldn't watch the video's, but it looks as though you might be able to tell if this type of two part resin will work for you.

I'd do a search for you to see what I can find, but I tried a virus program recommended by our cable guy a month ago and it somehow got rid of my flash player. Even after I deleted that virus program I can't reload the adobe flash player. Sorry.

I tried poking around the website, but I didn't find much on the DOD website except portfolios of their designers. Plus every time I try to get on there, their massive video feeds lock up my computer for a good 2 mins, and it's not a bad computer, the feed is just too large. Maybe You Tube? But with all the copyright stuff going on... I doubt anyone would have posted a clip.

Did you check out their website? They often have video's of the DIYs. I didn't catch the best of tonight, but I belive I saw the original when it was on. If I'm remembering the correct one they used a two part resin. Not sure where you'd get that. I'd call Hobby Lobby, Michael's or other arts and crafts store.

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