How to Wash a Cat

By: Senseless Jan 09, 2007

Save a trip to the groomers and train your cat to get in the tub!

My cats tend to spend as much time outside as they do inside and being in a somewhat rural area they can run into fleas and in general be kind of dusty so I wash them when I wash the dogs.  You have to start when they are kittens and aways use warm water and slow movements and keep the adrenyline in you low since cats sense that kid of thing and they will comply if you have the patience.

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 Cat Bath



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We have an orange tabby that decided he lives at our house. 


Darby (yes we feed him and named him) spends most of his day in doors with our two dogs, Jordan and Raleigh.

two dogs one cat

Next bath day I'll add Darby to the bath routine and see how it goes.

I will report back.


Cool. I thought my Shiloh was the only one. Shai LOVES getting a bath. He probably goes in 2 or three times a week.
You're gifted!

Aw, soggy cat! So cute!

No way my cat would take a bath tho 

This guy is pretty serious about training cats...

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Hahhaha!  You have to start early and establish dominance with cats.

I'm teaching it to walk a tightrope to... 

I'll keep swapping it for a smaller and smaller board.

Oh My God!! Too FUNNY!! My cat WOULD NOT comply!!!
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