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By: Redefinehome Jun 13, 2011

Designer Q&A with Linsi Brownson

Hey everyone, it’s my first time writing here on Curbly so I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Linsi Brownson, I’m an interior designer and owner of the online boutique Redefine HomeToday I’m here for a little designer Q&A session. Send me your questions, anything from how to pair your grandmother’s antique settee with your contemporary home to creative uses for everyday objects. I’ll answer these in a follow up post next week.


Please leave me your question(s) in the comments. Make sure to include a photo (or a link to one) where possible. If I choose your question to the answer next week, Curbly will send you a free copy of all three of their "Make It!" eBooks ($30 value)!

My design philosophy is all about creating a home that is curated rather than decorated.  I believe in filling your space with things that you need and things you love. Everything else is just clutter. And clutter just brings you down, doesn’t it? My goal is to create comfortable, beautiful spaces that inspire you to live the way you want to...I like to call it casual luxury.

Bottle and wire trunk from Redefine Home

I am a passionate designer and shopper and I’m so lucky to have a job where I get to do both! At Redefine Home I’m constantly on the lookout for great design - from unique, well-made furniture to handcrafted décor from talented local artisans. I’m picky, but always open to suggestions…feel free to send me a heads up anytime.

Wire basket from Redefine Home


- Linsi B

Redefine Home - curated, simple, luxurious 
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i can decide on a paint colour for my living room but i do know that i would like a green or grey. My sofa is brown leather plus all my furniture is dark too.I would love to get some advice from u please. thank u in advance.

trying to get free stuff for my daughter how?

Hey design questioners; check Linsi's post today for her answers to some of your queries! Here's the link:

If your question was selected to be answered, you'll get an e-mail from me shortly with a link to download your free e-book. Thanks!

Hi Linsi! Bruno and I have a strange built-in in our dining room that has us completely baffled. We think it is a remnant of what was once a beautiful built-in buffet, that was taken down when the previous owners of our home added an addition to the house. The current built-in is basically a large frame (4' 9" tall by 2' 4" wide). It has a depth of 7" and has track runners for shelving. The only thing we have in it right now is an Ikea wine rack (which never gets used because we have wine shelving in our kitchen). Any ideas would be so appreciated! Here's a picture of what we're dealing with (sorry it's sideways; hope you can turn your screen!):

created at: 06/16/2011

My boyfriend and I will soon move into a gorgeous flat with a bathroom that is somehow difficult I find... It is quite "big", has two very small windows (one of them squeezed into a corner) and is tiled head high in sterile white, the lighting is not very beneficial I'd say... you can see it well in the pictures (imagine it without all the furniture which is not ours!). We have very limited means to remodel, so how to work with the existing to make it a homely, comfortable room of the house?


Your help would be very much appreciated!!

I have my first baby due to arrive in early July. Now all of a sudden we have all of these baby things- high chair, pack and play, stroller, etc.- cluttering up our small apartment. My question is do you have any suggestions to either hide or integrate these large items into my apartment? Perhaps there is a type of cover or storage option that I can paint or decorate that might help to blend into the decor of the apartment?

i have 2 young children and try to puree as much of their food as possible. i still end up with a LOT of small baby glass food jars and lids (we don't ever get plastic contained baby food because of BPA, etc).  i would like to know your suggestions for ways to re-use/re-purpose them.  between me and my husband we can probably deal with metal, string/wires, and wood that would help complete the project.   i would also love a non-preachy way to spread the repurpose/diy word to friends and family across the country- if you have a go to phrase that would be great!

My home is gradually being remodeled.  Since I love mid-century modern, it's being set back to it's 60's roots. 

My question comes from a gift of 8 franciscan starburst salad plates.  I can't fathom paying the prices being asked for the rest of the set except for a few key serving pieces.  What currently available dishes would you think would coordinate well with this pattern and not break the bank?

BTW,  I will be building an MCM china cabinet soon to hold the dishes.

I'm redecorating my bedroom, and have a large, blank, empty wall. I want to create a cool, relaxed, loft-style feel and fill it with a variety of different objects such as canvases, framed postcards, oversized metal letters, mirrors, shelves with vases, books and pictures, and maybe a modern "stag head". I've seen it done in magazines but have no idea where to start. Will all this look too busy? Should I pare it back a bit or try to have a definite colour scheme running through everything so that it looks united? How should I actually lay out the pieces so it looks balanced? Please Help!

thanks for sharing your philosophy and ideas.  I am loving the Industrial Chic look, but also want to make it warm and alive.  any ideas on how to do this?

Do you have any cool ideas for a DIY lantern? We are looking to light our porch with candlelit lanterns. There seem to be quite a few options out there (some of them pricey), but we'd like something a little more creative and unique (maybe even a repurposed object turned lantern!). You seem to have a knack for the creative and personal; I'd love to hear any ideas you might have. Thanks!

we have a sectional and want to light up the middle part/corner part where it turns. we don't have room to put a light behind the corner and were thinking about a pendant in the corner. what do you think? what else can we do to light up the middle of the sectional?

My Mom is giving me my Grandmothers old singer and the cabinet that went with it. I need a chair that easy to sew in but also looks great, a little funky and can double as a place for me to sit when we have guests. Due to my small apartment I will have to keep it in the living room. My couch is gray, dining room table is black and I use blue as an accent color. I also hate to sit on a hard chair so I need something with a cushion. What do you think?

I am trying to complete my dining room with pictures and drapery panels for the windows but don't have an eye for design or color. I have taped up three fabric swatches on the wall. Can anyone tell me if any of these fabrics would work? I have also taken a picture with the fabric up against one of the dining chairs. I also have a picture of a bird that I love. I would like opinions if this picture works in the dining room and if it works on this wall or should I add a frame? null

i'm thinking about starting a design business. can you tell us a bit more about how you started, what was easy, what was hard? 


I love your design philosophy of curate vs. decorate. That makes so much sense!

Here's my design dilemma - I want to put a chandelier in our bedroom, but my husband really loves having a ceiling fan. I have to admit, the breeze from the fan is nice on a hot summer night and since we live near a busy interstate opening the windows is not an option. Do you have any ideas on how we can both get what we want?

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