Contemporary Kitchen Renovation

Renovations are tough!  Not for me, as a designer, but for the families that have to live through them.  Your life is in upheaval for several months or longer.  But when my clients see the finished result (especially after the seeing the "before" pictures), they say it was well worth it!  My client had a fantastic contractor, but of coarse, I'd like to think I helped the process go more smoothly too!  Once I discovered what style and color...

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TV Design Solutions

Southern Living

With one of the biggest TV days around the corner, I thought it was a good time to write about TVs and how to decorate with them.   After searching through my inspirational picture files to find photos for this post  I actually came up with very few to share.  Turns out interior design magazines rarely include TVs in their photos.  Let's face it, they aren't very attractive so why would they include them.  But the reality is most...

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