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I run a business making problem solving textiles for folks with disabilities, as well as being a teacher and mom. In my free time I like to make new things from old, and most of my apartment is made up of thrift store finds that I face-lifted.

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Apartment Honeysuckle

By: Nancy mcclenahen Jul 11, 2012
One of the problems with apartment living is that you can't plant anything in the ground that might be permanent. I LOVE honeysuckle and so looked for a way to make it portable. Here's what I came up with.

-four old cans with two holes punched out near the top (I spray painted mine a muted bronze so that it blended in a bit.)
-tomato cage opened flat
-potted honeysuckle 

1. Floss the twine through the cans and suspend them fromContinue Reading

Anti-Tie-Dye Denim Blanket

By: Nancy mcclenahen Jul 11, 2012

The whole idea behind tie-dye is that you add color to something to create a new design. It's inexpensive and gives you an excuse to dye your hands purple. (What's not to love?) Denim can be tricky because the colors are already really saturated, so unless you are using white jeans, the designs you put in are going to be rather dim. With that in mind, I decided to go at it backwards.

-pile of old jeans
-diluted bleach
-paint brush
-fabricContinue Reading

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